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[texts]A new erinaceid from the Lower Miocene (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.7) - Meade, Grayson E
Includes bibliographical references (p. 47)
Keywords: Metechinus; Insectivora, Fossil; Paleontology -- Miocene; Paleontology -- Nebraska
Downloads: 315
[texts]Reconstruction and interpretation of Brittsia problematica D. White (Fern, Pennsylvanian) (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.17) - Pfefferkorn, Hermann W
The complex shape of the leaf called Brittsia problematica suggests a floating life habit. The rachis and the pinna axes are flattened. The pinna axes have lateral lobes extending in the plane of the axes. The pinnules are lacerated and extend out of this plane. Several of the above mentioned characteristics of Brittsia are similar to those described by Phillips and Andrews (1968) from the fertile frond portion of Biscalitheca...
Downloads: 240
[texts]Cranial characters of Homalodotherium (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.7) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 117)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field paleontological expeditions to Argentina and Bolivia, 1922-24; Homalodotherium
Downloads: 298
[texts]Heteromyids from the Miocene and Lower Oligocene (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.9) - McGrew, Paul Orman, 1909-
Fieldiana series has been published as Geological Series by Field Columbian Museum (1895-1909) and Field Museum of Natural History (1909-1943), and as Fieldiana: Geology by Chicago Natural History Museum (1945-1966) and Field Museum of Natural History (1966-)
Keywords: Heliscomys; Paleontology -- Miocene; Paleontology -- Oligocene
Downloads: 305
[texts]Upper Canadian (Beekmantown) drift fossils from Labrador (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.2) - Roy, Sharat Kumar, 1897-1962
Includes bibliographical references (p. 56-58)
Keywords: Rawson-MacMillan Sub-Arctic Expedition (1927-1928); Paleontology -- Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
Downloads: 385
[texts]Some notoungulate braincasts (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.19) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 300)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field paleontological expeditions to Argentina and Bolivia, 1922-1927
Downloads: 250
[texts]Taphonomy of Eocene fish from Fossil Basin, Wyoming (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.14) - McGrew, Paul Orman, 1909-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 269-270)
Downloads: 604
[texts]Philippine forge group (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Anthropology, no. 2) - Cole, Fay-Cooper, b. 1881
"References to iron-working in Malaysia": p. 3
Keywords: Ironwork -- Philippines
Downloads: 390
[texts]Silurian Ischadites tenuis n.sp. (Receptaculitids) from Indiana (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.35, No.2) - Nitecki, Matthew H
A new receptaculitid species is based upon the well-preserved head elements and illustrated with SEM. These structures do not depart from the general dasycladacean pattern, but exclude receptaculitids from sponges
Keywords: Ischadites tenuis; Paleobotany -- Silurian; Paleobotany -- Indiana
Downloads: 355
[texts]Note on Gibsoniothamnus (Volume Fieldiana, Botany serries v.34, no.5) - Gentry, Alwyn H
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Gibsoniothamnus -- Classification; Botany -- Classification
Downloads: 237
[texts]Notes on the anatomy of the treeshrew dendrogale (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.20, no.30) - Davis, D. Dwight (Delbert Dwight), 1908-1965
Bibliography: p. 404
Keywords: Dendrogale
Downloads: 415
[texts]Notes on South American birds, with descriptions of new subspecies (Volume Fieldiana Ornithological Series Vol. 1, No.9) - Cory, Charles B. (Charles Barney), 1857-1921

Keywords: Birds -- South America; Vogels
Downloads: 377
[texts]New or little known titanotheres from the lower Uintah formations, with notes on the stratigraphy and distribution of fossils (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.4, No.2) - Riggs, Elmer S., 1869-1963
Includes bibliographical references throughout
Keywords: Titanotheriidae; Paleontology -- Tertiary; Paleontology -- Utah
Downloads: 358
[texts]The sacrifice to the morning star by the Skidi Pawnee - Linton, Ralph, 1893-1953

Keywords: Pawnee Indians -- Religion
Downloads: 411
[texts]Ordovician Receptaculites camacho n. sp. from Argentina (Volume Vol 37, No. 5) - Nitecki, Matthew H
An Early Ordovician green alga, Receptaculites camacho n. sp., from the San Juan Formation in Talacasto Gorge, San Juan Province, Argentina is a probable ancestor of Receptaculites oweni of the Galena-Kimmswick (Caradocian?) of North America. Analogy with recent calcareous green algae suggests that R. camacho inhabited warm, shallow, marine water. A paleomagnetic reconstruction of mid-Ordovician continental configurations places the North and South American localities of R...
Keywords: Paleobotany -- Argentina; Paleobotany -- Ordovician; Algae, Fossil
Downloads: 418
[texts]The moon (Volume Fieldiana Geology Popular Series no.6) - Farrington, Oliver C. (Oliver Cummings), 1864-1933
Includes bibliographical references (p. 13/71)
Keywords: Lunar geology; Moon -- Surface; Moon
Downloads: 482
[texts]A specimen of Elasmosaurus serpentinus (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.25) - Riggs, Elmer S., 1869-1963
Fieldiana series has been published as Geological Series by Field Columbian Museum (1895-1909) and Field Museum of Natural History (1909-1943), and as Fieldiana: Geology by Chicago Natural History Museum (1945-1966) and Field Museum of Natural History (1966-)
Keywords: Elasmosaurus
Downloads: 367
[texts]Notes on land slugs, Deroceras from Afghanistan, including description of D. kandaharensis (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.15) - Regteren Altena, C. O. van (Carel Octavus)
Bibliography: p. 178
Keywords: Gastropoda -- Afghanistan; Deroceras
Downloads: 361
[texts]Philippine forge group - Cole, Fay-Cooper, b. 1881
"References to iron-working in Malaysia": p. 3
Keywords: Ironwork -- Philippines
Downloads: 281
[texts]Contents and index to volume 10, numbers 1 to 15, Zoological series (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.10, no.16) - Field Museum of Natural History

Keywords: Zoology
Downloads: 453
[texts]Chromis woodsi, a new species of damselfish (Pomacentridae) from the Western Indian Ocean with a redescription of Chromis axillaris (Bennett), 1831 /John Clay Bruner and Steven Arnam. (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.73, no.3) - Arnam, Steven.

Keywords: Chromis axillaris; Chromis woodsi; Classification; Fishes; Indian Ocean
Downloads: 100
[texts]The stature and weight of Sterkfontein 14 : a gracile Australopithecine from Transvaal, as determined from the innominate bone (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.23) - Reed, Charles A
Includes bibliographical references (p. 437-440)
Keywords: Australopithecines
Downloads: 422
[texts]Review of the Prothylacyninae, an extinct subfamily of South American "dog-like" marsupials (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 3) - Marshall, Larry G
Includes bibliographical references (p. 49-50)
Keywords: Prothylacyninae; Marsupials, Fossil; Paleontology -- South America
Downloads: 441
[texts]Contents [and index] to volume 14, numbers 1 to 3, Zoological series (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.14, no. 4) - Field Museum of Natural History

Keywords: Zoology
Downloads: 462
[texts]A Pterodesmid milliped from the Philippine Islands (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.62, no.2) - Hoffman, Richard L
Includes bibliography
Keywords: Millepeds -- Philippines
Downloads: 360
[texts]Geographical variation in the canary, Serinus sulphuratus (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.8) - Rand, Austin Loomer, 1905-1982

Keywords: Serinus sulphuratus; Birds -- Africa; Birds -- Variation
Downloads: 502
[texts]Ordovician vertebrates from Western United States (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.6) - Denison, Robert H. (Robert Howland), 1911-1985
Includes bibliographical references (p. 188-192)
Keywords: Vertebrates, Fossil -- West (U.S.); Paleontology -- Ordovician; Paleontology -- West (U.S.)
Downloads: 354
[texts]Diagnoses of new East African mammals, including a new genus of Muridae (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.10, no.2) - Osgood, Wilfred Hudson, 1875-1947

Keywords: Mammals -- Africa, East; Muridae
Downloads: 335
[texts]Shrews of the Crocidura zarudnyi-pergrisea group with descriptions of a new subspecies (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.58, no.2) - Hassinger, Jerry D

Keywords: Crocidura zarudnyi; Pale grey shrew
Downloads: 300
[texts]Molecular systematics of the frog genus Leptodactylus (Amphibia: Leptodactylidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.41) - Maxson, Linda R
Bibliography: p. 10-11
Keywords: Leptodactylus; Leptodactylidae
Downloads: 484
[texts]Revision of the termitophilous tribe Philotermitini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.58, no.4) - Kistner, David H., 1931-
Bibliography: p. 26
Keywords: Staphylinidae
Downloads: 371
[texts]Phosphatic microfossils from the Ordovician of the United States (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.35, No.1) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Phosphatic fossil fragments, commonly having less than 2 mm. maximum size, occur in acid residues of Ordovician rocks. A variety of fossil shapes has been found in te El Paso Group of west Texas, Simpson Group of Oklahoma, Dutchtown Formation of Missouri, and Maquoketa Group of Indiana. Excluding atermate brachiopods and conodonts, the collection reported here has greatest affinity to early ostracoderm fish and arthropods...
Keywords: Micropaleontology -- United States; Paleontology -- Ordovician; Phosphates -- United States
Downloads: 518
[texts]A new pigeon from Colombia (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.20, no.36) - Conover, Henry Boardman, 1892-

Keywords: Pigeons; Birds -- Colombia
Downloads: 413
[texts]Systematics of mice of the subgenus Akodon (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in southern South America, with the description of a new species (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.23) - Patterson, Bruce D
Bibliography: p. 16
Keywords: Akodon; Rodents -- South America Classification; Muridae -- Classification
Downloads: 456
[texts]Use of tobacco in Mexico and South America (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Anthropology, no. 16) - Mason, John Alden, 1885-1967
Field Museum of Natural History (1909-1943, 1966-) began as the Field Columbian Museum (1895-1909) and changed its name to Chicago Natural History Museum from 1943-1966
Keywords: Tobacco; Smoking; Tobacco pipes
Downloads: 692
[texts]Notes on the breeding behavior of lizards (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.20, no.9) - Schmidt, Karl Patterson, 1890-1957

Keywords: Lizards
Downloads: 542
[texts]A new chaenopsid fish, Emblemaria hyltoni, from Isla Roatán, Honduras (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.70, no.2) - Johnson, Robert Karl
Bibliography: p. 28
Keywords: Emblemaria hyltoni -- Classification; Emblemaria -- Classification; Fishes -- Honduras Roatán Island; Fishes -- Classification
Downloads: 392
[texts]The auditory region of an Upper Pliocene typotherid (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.5) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 89)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field paleontological expedition to Argentina and Bolivia 1922-1924; Pseudotypotherium; Paleontology -- Pliocene
Downloads: 285
[texts]Re-evaluation of Syagrus loefgrenii Glassman and S. rachidii Glassman (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.34, no.2) - Glassman, Sidney F
Bibliography: p. 25
Keywords: Syagrus loefgrenii; Syagrus rachidii
Downloads: 278
[texts]A new helogeneid catfish from Eastern Ecuador (Pisces, Siluriformes, Helogeneidae (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.72, no.6) - Glodek, Garrett S
Bibliography: p. 82
Keywords: Helogenes unidorsalis -- Classification; Fishes -- Classification; Fishes -- Ecuador Classification; Helogenes -- Identification
Downloads: 419
[texts]Japanese collections : Frank W. Gunsaulus Hall (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Anthropology, no. 3) - Gunsaulus, Helen Cowen
Preface by B. Laufer
Keywords: Field Museum of Natural History. Dept. of Anthropology; Art, Japanese -- Edo period, 1600-1868; Art, Japanese -- United States Chicago
Downloads: 562
[texts]Redescription of Ischadites elrodi (S. A. Miller, 1892) a Lower Devonian receptaculitid (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.20, No.5) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Ischadites elrodi (S. A. Miller, 1892) a Lower Middle Devonian receptacultid from Indiana is redescribed as a dasycladacean alga closely related to Silurian Ischadites koenigii Murchison, 1839
Keywords: Ischadites elrodi; Paleontology -- Devonian; Paleontology -- Indiana Hartsville Region
Downloads: 357
[texts]Common trees (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Botany, no. 11) - Macbride, J. Francis (James Francis), 1892-
Fieldiana, Popular series, Botany, was published by Field Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Botany as Leaflet (no. 1-9, 1922-1924) and as Botany leaflet (no. 10-25, 1924-1940), and by Chicago Natural History Museum as Popular series: Botany (no. 26-27, 1947-1950)
Keywords: Trees; Trees -- North America; Bomen (biologie)
Downloads: 699
[texts]The diamond : a study in Chinese and Hellenistic folk-lore - Laufer, Berthold, 1874-1934
The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the "All Files: HTTP" link in the "View the book" box to the left to find XML files that contain more metadata about the original images and the derived formats (OCR results, PDF etc.). See also the What is the directory structure for the texts? FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions.
Keywords: Diamonds
Downloads: 215
[texts]The status of Progaleopithecus Ameghino (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.3) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 25)
Keywords: Progaleopithecus
Downloads: 219
[texts]Notes on little known species of South American birds with descriptions of new subspecies (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.12, no.1) - Cory, Charles B. (Charles Barney), 1857-1921

Keywords: Birds -- South America
Downloads: 313
[texts]Time factors of differentially preserved wood in two calcitic concretions in Pennsylvanian black shale from Indiana (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.10) - Woodland, Bertram G
A large concretion in the black shale above Springfield Coal Member (No. V), Desmoinesian Series, Pennsylvanian, from the Blackfoot #5 mine, Pike County, Indiana, contains a piece of fossil wood with excellent preservation of cell structure. Both ends of the wood extending outward to the extremities of the ovoid concretion are replaced by a black calcareous rock in which there is no fossil wood structure...
Keywords: Trees, Fossil -- Indiana Pike County; Paleobotany -- Pennsylvanian; Paleobotany -- Indiana Pike County; Shale -- Indiana Pike County
Downloads: 258
[texts]Middle Devonian fishes from the Lemhi Range of Idaho (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.10) - Denison, Robert H. (Robert Howland), 1911-1985
The basal unit of the Jefferson formation at the head of Spring Mountain Canyon, Lemhi County, Idaho contains the following fishes: a heterostracan, Psephaspis idahoensis n.sp., which is shown to belong to the Pteraspididae rather than the Drepanaspididae; the arthrodire, Holonema haiti n.sp., and undetermined arthrodires; an antiarch referred to the Astrolepididae indet.; and a spine possibly belonging to a holcephalian...
Keywords: Fishes, Fossil -- Idaho Lemhi Range; Paleontology -- Devonian; Paleontology -- Idaho Lemhi Range
Downloads: 369
[texts]Three Etruscan painted sarcophagi - Tarbell, F. B. (Frank Bigelow), 1853-1920
Sloan candidate
Keywords: Sarcophagi; Etruria -- Antiquities
Downloads: 434
[texts]A new species of lungless salamander (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.1) - Wake, David B

Keywords: Bolitoglossa schizodactyla; Amphibians -- Panama
Downloads: 398
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